Friday, October 7, 2011

fall = lots of park time

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down (many weeks of 100+ days, anyone?), we've been really hitting up our Nashville parks. Now that G is able to walk around everywhere, we can kind of put him down and turn him loose at a park. We've been doing without a stroller at the zoo, too, and he knows where he wants to go - first to the outdoor play area for toddlers, then to the indoor aquarium. Of course, he usually refuses to walk after all of that, so he has to be carried out. Heh.
Taking him out and about is quite an adventure nowadays. Sometimes he'll cooperate. Sometimes he'll throw a huge hissy fit at every little thing you don't let him do.

Such as pitching himself into nasty pond water at Centennial Park.

I love this park, and so does G. It's just full of wide open spaces for him to run full-force and explore.

Every once in a while, he'd notice my camera and try to poke at it. I love this serious, curious face.

Poke, poke.

We had a few photo-ops as well. He's surprisingly willing to sit still, especially when he's allowed to sit all by himself.

I zoomed in really close on this photo because his stance and face made me laugh. What, mama? Stand here? Should I put my hands in my pockets?

A guy was singing and playing on his guitar. G went right up to him and stood just like this with the most serious expression on his face. He would have stayed there longer than just two songs if I hadn't nudged him a bit to get him walking again.

And of course, baby loves to swing!

Once he got tired, Dave hefted him on his shoulders, and we all walked back to the car. He was pooped.

Gotta love days like this. They're predicting a hot winter, but I'm hoping this just means we'll have more outdoor days before things get too cold.

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