Monday, October 10, 2011

out on the farm

I've always loved Fall, with its Halloween and Thanksgiving (though Spring is definitely my favorite season). Neither one of us had really done the whole pumpkin patch thing, usually getting our pumpkins from, cough, the grocery store. This year, we decided to take G to a real pumpkin patch on a real farm and have that traditional Fall moment.

I kept my expectations kinda low, but I would say it was definitely worth the drive. G had a blast, and we all got to enjoy the sunshine, which was so abundant it was actually kinda hot. We didn't buy any pumpkins, though, because we're out of town for a good portion of October and just don't have the time to do anything with them. (The hubs is going to a wedding in Connecticut for three days, is home for a day, and then we all ship out to Miami for my cousin's wedding. Yaaay!)


So we went to Gentry's Farm, a totally cute place. I can really see G have tons of fun once he's a bit older and able to do more of the activities.

They had a corn maze. It was rather bumpy, so G had some difficulty walking.

Lots of cute photo ops...

Mama, where are you going?

What is this orange thing?

Come get me now?

They had troughs of grain and corn to play in. G loved this part. Gives me hope that he'll like the sand at the beach too. We've have to make sure to get him a shovel.

He rode a little tractor.

And then we rode behind a big tractor.

All in all, tons of fun. I'm pretty sure we'll go again next year too. Our Halloween festivities will conclude with going to the Ghouls at Grassmere Halloween event at the Nashville. We have our tickets, so I think we're going this Friday. That means I need to hem G's costume - eek!

Anyway, happy fall!

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