Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miami Trip, part 2

On the second full day of our Miami trip, we headed out to Vizcaya. I love love love Vizcaya, which is a beautiful house and gardens on the coast that was built in 1916. The architecture and attention to detail is simply amazing.

This is the entry way after you go through the ticket booth. See what I mean? Ah-may-zing. I couldn't take any photos inside the house, but the outside alone is beautiful.

This is my brother and his girlfriend Christina. Isn't she gorgeous?

Off the back of the house. You can see the sliver of Key Biscayne in the background.

 This alcove to the right of the ocean is such a great place for pictures.

God, I love this kid.

Yeah, I'm on this rock. What of it?

There are stairs everywhere, so of course we spent the bulk of our time outside walking up and down them... and dealing with a cranky toddler when we wouldn't let him climb set of stairs #14 for the 20th time.

I just love Vizcaya. I pretty much have to go there whenever I visit Miami. It's a little pricey, but well worth it if you have the time to explore for a few hours.

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