Friday, November 18, 2011

flashback friday

Oh my gosh, I was huge! I forget how pregnant I was with G during this photoshoot with the uber talented Adrienne of Chris and Adrienne Scott, Photographers. 32 weeks, maybe? I was already very uncomfortable, too, as I had swelling start up kinda early.

My boobs were freakin' huge too. Thank GOD those went back down some.

Aww, looking at these pics, and those of G as a newborn, make me kinda miss being pregnant. Kinda, sort, anyway.

Of course, then I remember the throwing up, aches, swelling, pre-eclampsia, and all of the other horrible ickiness from my first pregnancy. And then I'm kinda happy with our family of three for the time being!


  1. Really beautiful pictures! Your pregnancy sounds familiar. I went into pregnancy very healthy and developed so many health problems during pregnancy. I HATED being pregnant- but there are still parts I miss.

  2. Aw, thanks! Our photographers are really talented!


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