Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 things I'm thankful for today

1. Ice cream. Specifically, Menchi's in south Nashville.

2. Internet shopping. We spent two hours in the mall today, and it was already a madhouse. I hope I don't have to step into another one until sometime AFTER Christmas.

3. Puffs. How else are we supposed to get through a shopping trip with a toddler who now hates the stroller? Bribery works wonders at this age.

4. Caffeine. G went down late last night, was up for almost an hour in the middle of the night, and got up early. Caffeine kept me going.

5. Toddler cuddles. He was full of hugs and kisses and cuddles today. A toddler hug can make you forget that just a second ago he was screaming because you put him off the couch after he smacked you in the face.

... a longer post coming tomorrow, I promise!


  1. Internet shopping is getting me in trouble lately! Amazon's one click with prime shipping is just too damn easy....Plus I love getting stuff in the mail!

    Toddler cuddles sound awesome!

  2. puffs are our life savers! Just found your blog on TopBabyBlogs, we were on the same page :) I'm now a new follower :)

  3. Annie: We had free Amazon Prime for a year but it just expired. We've been toying with the idea to go ahead and buy it because we miss that two day free shipping!

    Josie: Welcome! Your little girl is seriously cute. And I just followed you back. :)

  4. I buy most of our diapers through Amazon Mom, which gives me months of free prime. Right now I'm at my max, which makes me sad!


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