Sunday, November 20, 2011

teething crazies

You know, it's a good thing that we go through this horrible stage called teething when we're young enough to have no long-term memory. Otherwise, how would we live the memories of such pain or the looks of horror on our parents' faces?

G has been an utter bear this weekend. He hasn't wanted to eat much or sleep his normal hours. He breaks down crying at every little thing that doesn't go perfectly his way. Though it doesn't exactly help me deal, I know exactly why he's acting like this - besides just being a normal toddler. His fourth and final molar, of the first set, is trying to break through his bottom right gum.

As I can see from the other side, where the other bottom tooth has broken through all the way, these molars are huge. I'm really kinda taken aback by how big they are compared to his other teeth, especially by the way they cover the entire gum. And when you look at the other side, at the one that's currently plaguing him, you can pretty much see the bulge of the entire tooth just under the gum. Man, that has to hurt. Can I really blame the little guy for breaking down at the drop of a hat?

This will make tooth #twelve for him. He has the front four on the bottom and top, and now has the four molars. No fangs so far, which I've heard can be deadly to cut as well. He's been teething these molars since our Miami trip, which was a month ago now.

Maybe we'll finish with the first molars and fangs just in time to start the second molars around age 2.


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