Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've noticed that the # of people who visit this blog has jumped up considerably lately. I wanted to give a shout out welcome to all of you, especially those who are new!

Check it to the right of your screen.


See all that stuff over there? If you like MCM and want to, please click Join This Site and become a follower!

You can also click those icons at the top to follow me on Pinterest.

Or Twitter.

I love me some Pinterest and Twitter.


If you really love MCM, you can click to vote for me on Top Baby Blogs.

Or grab my button to link to me on your own site.

Also don't be afraid to leave a comment saying hi. I do love me some conversation. Oh wow, I sound so country in my head right now. It's gotta be those Alabama roots.

And with that, I'm off.


  1. Hi Mama! I'm a follower and have your button on my blog love page!

  2. Aw, thanks for the linkage! I followed you back. :)


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