Saturday, November 26, 2011

when life happens

Thanksgiving was fantastic. My mom was in full g-mama mode, running around with my kid all day, every day while I got to do a bit of lounging about the house. It was heaven.

Then we get home and check our mailbox, and bam, we're back to reality. A notice that our health insurance won't be covering yet another thing from G's emergency room visit. This time? $600 for his xrays. That's on top of the $200-300 we've already received.

Oh hi. Merry Christmas.

It's just one more big charge we've gotten slammed with in the past two months. I need life to seriously take a chill pill for a moment.

Our cat needed teeth pulled. $130 to figure that out. $230 to pull them. Oh, and maybe you should lower his thyroid meds since his levels are a little off. $40 to retest. Oops, now they're off in the other direction. Next month? Another $40 to retest.

I go to the dentist for a routine check up. Oh, by the way, your fillings are over 15 years old and need to be replaced. Bam, $880.

My car's thermometer goes bad. $120.

At this point, I'm just praying that nothing else goes wrong until next year. Come on, life, give us a break, okay?

We did set up our tree this evening while playing Christmas music - that at least calmed me down. And I snapped this pic to cheer me up.

We got these little salt n pepper shakers from Target a few weeks ago. I love them so hard. Every time I see them, I try to refocus my mind on the upcoming holidays. The money will take care of itself, and I need to give G the best Christmas possible by focusing on him and not on what's stressing me out.

Christmas is about love and family. And little cheek kisses. I love little cheek kisses.

Especially when they come from my little cheeky toddler.

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