Thursday, December 15, 2011

birthday + finals + surprise = chaos!

This past week has been cray-zee. Here's a recap.

I have (well, had, since it's now over) a Monday evening class that had a huge project due this past Monday. So I went a good portion of Tuesday working on it, basically whenever G was asleep.

It was my birthday. The big dreaded 3-0. Sigh. Dave was determined to recreate my Birthday Weekend Spectacular of 2007, and I'd say he got pretty darn close. Except for a ring and a proposal at the end - ha!

My husband cooked me a damn tasty meal of potatos au gratin, stuffed mushrooms, and chicken cordon bleu. Yummy!

And then I got this cake. I appreciated the 29th on there - har - but I was kinda amazed at the size of it. I think that's the smallest bday cake I've ever seen. But it was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, so I wasn't complaining. :)

A bazillion people sang happy birthday to me. Like a lot of people, I get embarrassed to have so much focus on me, but I don't really mind the happy birthday song. (Unlike the hubs, who can be a bit fuddy-duddy about it, especially in public.) The highlight was that Blue Sky Riders sang for me over the phone! That's my father-in-law, my future step mother-in-law (whoa, weird title!), and Kenny Loggins (who's really really tall in person). How cool is that?

As part of the 2007 Birthday Weekend Spectacular, we then headed out to the Opryland Hotel. We couldn't find the trees outside, which is where he proposed to me, but we wandered around inside until G was stumbling and really started to zone out. We wore him out! But he refused to be carried, so we let him run all over the place.

If you're in the Nashville area, I highly recommend an evening out to the Opryland Hote. It's just gorgeous! I'm so happy they were able to rebuild after the floods last year. The mall still isn't fully open, though that's supposed to change in March.

After my birthday, it was back to the grind of working on that project. So exhausting!

Since eating some pizza Tuesday afternoon, my right back gum had been hurting. Thursday evening, I thought it looked infected - so gross! So after giving a final from 8-10 this morning, I headed over to the dentist. He took an X-ray and told me that I might need a root canal because the tooth near that gum might be infected. Say whaaaa? I was terrified. He referred me to a specialist, so thankfully looked at it and told me it was definitely not the tooth. Likely, something I ate had irritated the gum. He cleaned it out - ouch! - gave me an antibiotic, and sent me on my way. I was so relieved!

I got home about 1:30, and I was just exhausted. I locked G and I up in his room, which is babysafe, and just passed out on the floor. Every few minutes, he'd come over and shove something in my face or climb over me, but I was able to snatch a few minutes here and there of a nap. I definitely felt much better after that.

We spent the morning and some of the afternoon preparing for our Christmas party on Sunday. Then we headed out to dinner at Buca di Beppo, which is the restaurant where we had our third date and our rehearsal dinner. The hubs had been acting suspicious, so I was kinda suspecting something was up. I walked in the restaurant to find most of our friends and family waiting for us. I was not expecting that many people! Even Grayson was there, brought by my mother-in-law who I thought was babysitting back at home.

Of course, it was such a perfect set up for what was to come. Dave and I whispered about it a little and decided to go ahead and surprise everyone who had just surprised me. Dave stood up to give a toast, and said something about "the mother of his children." Now, of course, we only have G, our one child. A few of them picked up on the "children" and it took a little while for others. I loved seeing their faces as they finally realized what he had meant.

Yup, we're pregnant with baby #2!

A bunch of us went bowling afterward. We all bowled one game, then some of them left to head home. That left me, hubs, Jennifer, and Michael, two of my best friends. Michael had come all the way from Iowa to surprise me! The four of us, since we had already paid for two games, decided to double-bowl. Oh my gosh, we were exhausted by the end of it! We would have to bowl one side, then turn right around and bowl the other. We were home by 8:30, but it felt like midnight. My arms felt like jello and my butt hurt the next morning. Who bowls three games and comes away with a sore butt? Me, apparently.

Party time! We prepped all day, then the party started at 3pm. Tasty good, good friends, and dirty Santa. Since Michael was still in town, we hung out that night before he left Monday morning.

Dave had a dentist appointment early in the morning, so I was on baby-duty for a bit longer than usual. When G went down for a nap, I finished up my project for class. That afternoon, we took G to his 18 month doc appointment. Afterward, it was a quick earlier dinner and then I headed off to my last class.

Totally crash day. After the craziness of the past week, I was ready to lay around and watch TV all day.

And that was my week! I have a couple more posts in the works, one about the pregnancy so far (yaaaay!), and one about G.

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