Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in review













2011 was a huge year for G. He went having no signs of crawling as a 7 month old baby with NO teeth to running around with confidence as an almost 19 month old toddler with 12 teeth! He went from having almost no hair to having hair so long in the back that we may have to trim it up soon. He's in the 95% for height, but he's always been tall and skinny. He smiles easily and freely. He understands about 70% of what I say directly to him, and who knows, I'm probably underestimating. He still has no words except for "bmoo" (cow) and "ah-ah-ah" (monkey), but he can point out 12 of his own body parts and he knows the signs for more and all done. His favorite things to do are 1) read, 2) play with blocks, 3) run around like crazy, and 4) dance.

It was a big year for us, too. We lost one of our kitties, Bill, to kidney failure. We took our first family trip to Miami to visit the Cuban family for a wedding. I started school (again). We're expecting baby #2 sometime in August.

All in all, it was a fabulous year. I'm looking forward to 2012, when G will (hopefully) start talking, baby #2 will be born, and I'll work on more of the classes portion of school. 2013 will bring a ton more changes as the kiddos both slide into (or more into) toddlerhood, and I finish the class portion of school. 2014 will bring graduation (yay!), a full time teaching job, and a new house!

At least, that's the plan. :)

Bye bye, 2011. You were pretty awesome, but I'm glad to see you go!

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