Thursday, February 9, 2012

13 Ways to Raise a Nonreader

My kiddo may not speak much... at all. But he certainly has a love of reading. We started reading to him regularly pretty much as soon as he could focus on something like a book. Now we can read through 10 books, and he's still begging for more.

I'm working on getting my teaching license right now. In my literacy class, we read this list of what NOT to do if you want to have a child who loves reading. It amused me, and also gave me a few things to think about, such as books on tape.

My comments are in italics. Because I can't help myself.

13 Ways to Raise a Nonreader
from The Horn Book Magazine, 2001

1. Never read where your children can see you.
haha, it's hard to read in front of him because he wants to play with my book

2. Put a TV or computer in every room. Don't neglect the bedroom and kitchen.
kinda guilty? we have one in the living room and in our bedroom.

3. Correct your child every time she mispronounces a word.
reading for fun should be for fun!

4. Schedule activities every day after school so your child will never be bored.
if they don't have time to read, they won't read.

5. Once your child can read independently, throw out the picture books. They're for babies.
as a kid, I loved reading a variety of books - picture books, young adult, and a few from the adult section of the library.

6. Don't play board games together. Too dull.
no problem here. we have a huge collection of board games.

7. Give little rewards for reading. Stickers and plastic toys are nice. Money is even better.
I was surprised by this one. No rewards for a reluctant reader?

8. Don't expect your children to enjoy reading. Kids' books are for teaching vocabulary, proper study habits, and good morals.
no-brainer, right?

9. Buy only 40-watt bulbs for your lamps.

10. Under no circumstances read your child the same book over and over. She heard it once, she should remember it.
G knows which books are his favorite. He usually wants to read Wocket in my Pocket four times in a row.

11. Never allow your child to listen to books on tape; that's cheating.
I'll admit, I sometimes think of books on tape as cheating.

12. Make sure your kids only read books that are "challenging." Easy books are a complete waste of time. That goes double for comic books and Mad magazine.
We have a modest but sizable collection of graphic novels and manga. The Mad magazine comment cracks me up, though.

13. Absolutely, positively, no reading in bed.
oh, but that's the best spot!

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