Monday, February 6, 2012

happy (beleated) 20 months!

My kiddo is officially in the 20s! As the hubs said, one more month and he can drink.

Cough cough. Ahem.

I'm pregnant and lazy right now, so here are some recent phone pics.

Dear G,

I see more and more boy in youand less baby. You're still my baby G, though. pout.

You popped out another tooth, your first incisor, this month, so that makes 13. The other three are on the move. Maybe you'll get those before 21 months, hmm?

You've hit a new level of tantrum mode lately. We tend to let you stew for a minute or so, then we try to distract and therefore calm you down. I'm sure it'll only get worse - goodie! You're also in whine mode a lot, so we're working on dealing with that appropriately. The lack of speech certainly isn't helping with communication. You unfortunately haven't improved since last month. We were advised to wait until 22 months at least before calling Early Intervention back, and I have a feeling we'll be giving them a call then. You love to babble, G, but you're just not forming any actual words.

You're so much fun to be around. You love hugs, kisses, and cuddles. You love to sit next to me on the couch and play with your toys. You'll willingly give kisses and hugs back, but you're also fond of shaking your head and running away. Ha! Little stinker.

Love you so much, G! I know you'll be such a fantastic big brother to your sibling.

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