Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm going to the ZOOoooooo

I need some giggles, so it's time for a Grayson says.

Mama took me to the zoo on Thursday because it was 74 degrees outside! I looooved being outside, and I didn't even want to go to the indoor aquarium area for once.

Come on, mama! Let's go!

I ran around like this. This is my happy strut.

I think there's a monkey over there.

What was I doing?

Oh yeah. Touching this.

I love the meerkats. And their sign. Oh, how I loved that sign.

This bridge near the flamingos was fun. I ran back and forth. And back and forth. And... back and forth again, until mama got tired of watching me and made me keep walking.

I was kinda unamused that she made me leave.

Oh, strike a pose time? Okay.

I love looking at water, so the bamboo trail is one of my favorite places at the zoo. I would point at an animal, complain about it, then go run back to stare at the waterfalls.

 But my favorite part of all? My FAVORITE??

OMG, these ropes? It was kinda love at first touch.

I would move those ropes up and down. Then up and down. Then up and down again!

And sometimes I would pause and laugh about it. These ropes? They were hilarious.

And I would look at mama. Mama? I love these freakin' ropes.

And sometimes, I'd just grab the rope and yell and laugh really loud for no reason.

Best. part. of. my. day.

Afterward, I was so pent up with energy that I helped mama push the stroller.

I hung out on a bench for a while, and after that, I got kinda cranky. Mama put me in the stroller where I hung out happily as we headed out the zoo.

I hope we go back really soon. I'm glad mama brought the stroller this time. Man, the zoo can be exhausting. Especially that rope playground.

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