Friday, February 24, 2012

dumping forth from the brain

What an exhausting week! But I survived my first week without baby, so there it goes.

Friday Brain Dump
because my brain? it be fried.

  1. So, biggest mention on my mind, week one since my D&C is over. I've learned a lot of things this week, such as if you tell people you are ready to talk on the phone about The Miscarriage, make sure you are ready to talk on the phone about The Miscarriage. I was, but I wasn't prepared for how many people actually wanted to talk about It. Also: be careful about bringing It up before other people do. Awkward.
  2. Flowers are awesome. The hubs brought me pink roses today in celebration of baby's life. I so love that man.
  3. G and I took advantage of the 74 degrees, with abundant sunshine and a brisk wind, yesterday and headed to the zoo. I have lots of pictures on my camera to upload, so I'll post a funny and not-miscarriage-related post tomorrow.
  4. Speaking of the toddler, G is sick. At least, we think he's sick with the cold I caught last week. He woke up with a fever and it was 101.6 by nap time. He's got only a tiny one now, so I'm hoping for the end of the fever part tomorrow. Can we not just have it easy for a few days? I told the hubs - well, I kinda just demanded - that next weekend, I get Twilight and ice cream. He didn't argue with me!
  5. My OB's office totally coded my D&C as an abortion. I'm pretty ticked about it because it means that my insurance denied the claim. I'm hoping the phone call on Monday makes this an easy fix. One moment I'm okay, and the next I'm crying because something like this slams what happened right into my face.
Gah, I can't even make my brain dumps non-depressing. I promise a cute toddler zoo post to make up for it.


  1. We got slammed with $4500 worth of medical bills from my surgery. Definitely a slap in the face. I hope you have an awesome weekend. Keep your head up =)

    1. Ugh! I hope the D&C will end up being only $2000, which is our out of pocket max. Such a high price for the death of a baby! I'm sad we won't be baby twins anymore, but I can't wait to see your little one. :) By the way, I'm jealous that Delia likes stickers. Grayson thinks they're horrible and they kinda freak him out!


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