Thursday, May 3, 2012

guest post: my husband is on crack

The husband blogs! Again! I claim no responsibility for this. Truly. - Alicia

While the wife is drowning in tests to grade (seriously, she’s in the bathtub covered in tests, gasping for air – she’s weird like that), I thought I’d throw my thoughts around and see if they bounce.
I have no clue what that means either.

So the theme this month is "play"… hmmm… play…

Webster’s dictionary defines “play” as “amorous flirtation.” That can’t be right. Seems an odd theme for a blog month. Could be interesting, I suppose… How YOU doin'?

Oh wait… that’s just one given definition. Ok. “Play.” So my favorite play is probably Macbeth. I can just see Grayson up on stage, giving the famous soliloquy, “Is this a dagger I see before me?”

Cue badly photoshopped picture!

Wait… no… that can’t be it either.

Ok, next definition: “The spontaneous activity of children.” Yeah, that sounds about right. Spontaneous is a much nicer word than “bat-shit crazy.”

Grayson is full of energy. Many mornings I take G to the zoo, and I tend to see only the back of his head for a vast majority of our time there… he speeds off like he’s training for the 100-yard dash.

I used to be able to keep up with him just walking at a good pace, but now I actually have to jog. It’s pretty great, but he leaves knots in my stomach bolting around at such break-neck speeds. They don’t call it “break-neck speed” for nothin’… Going to fall and end up with asphalt in his face, that one. Maybe after that he’ll become some kind of Batman villain… “Zoo-Face” or something.

Totally need a badly shopped Batman picture here, but it’s getting late. Next time.

Anyway, I considered going into G’s favorite playtime activities… but not only would that make this one heck of a a long post, but I certainly don’t want to use up all the interesting stuff while my poor wife still has to fill a month with super-happy-play posts.

I concede that I said absolutely nothing in this blog post… So I will simply conclude with this:
My son hates ice cream, bacon, and peanut butter. I’m raising a monster.

And now a random picture just for the hell of it:

Goodnight, Cleveland!


  1. This was my first time checking out your blog your guest post by the hubby was great! Gave me a good laugh and I like that last picture! GO FLYERS!

    1. Hi and welcome! My husband was thrilled to hear from a fellow Flyers fan. :)


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