Friday, May 4, 2012

only one more month to go

The cute, it's too much!

Is there anything I can mess with over here?

So, if I push my hands against my cheek like this....

Is it the sign for sleepy or the sign for utter freakin' cuteness?

We now call this the icebreaker. Whenever there's a lull in conversation, or he meets someone new, or he just doesn't seem to know what to do, he pauses and points at the ceiling. It's like, hey, look at that ceiling fan! When did that get there? Let's chat about it!

Oh, the cute. Oh my ovaries. He makes that face and my heart just goes pitter-patter.

Dear G,

You are 23 months old today! Oh my gosh, you are only one month away from 2, which means your mama really needs to get rolling on all that birthday stuff.

You learned some more signs this month! You're a signing master - you learn them so easily. You'd probably know even more if we learned some more to teach you. Last month, you knew mommy, daddy, more, all done, book, milk, and diaper. Now we've added cat, dog, water, hungry, fish (sorta), and sleepy. We're working on help me, but that one's a bit complicated.

Oh! And you learned a second word! In addition to your usual "moo," you'll now sometimes say "boom" in response to something falling over, like a block tower. Awesome. I'm beyond ready for you to talk, baby-G!

This month, you really picked up speed with your running. One moment, we could keep up with you in an easy stride, the next we're having to jog to stay with you! You haven't quite got the full running stride down, but you're certainly trying. You still love to hold my hand, which I love, but it's also fun to just turn you loose and watch you fly.

You're getting over your third or fourth cold. I feel bad because you didn't start getting them until a few months after I stopped breastfeeding you, but I know colds are a healthy part of life. I just wish I didn't usually catch yours after you! I also think you cut your first second year molar. It's really difficult to see back there, but I might have seen a flash of white on the bottom left. We'll see if I can catch a glimpse of it to confirm. You've certainly been drooling a lot lately, but that could be because of your cold.

I can't wait to celebrate two years of your life in a month! I'll try not to cry. Maybe.


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