Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my mama

The pic below of my mom and G was taken a few days after my D&C. She came up to Nashville soon after we learned about the miscarriage to help us take care of G while I was in the hospital and recovering afterward. I haven't posted any of the photos taken that weekend because they remind me of the worst days of my life. But this one I just love.

My mom's birthday was yesterday. She's in Miami right now with my dad, visiting my dad's family (I'm so jealous). Anyway, I'm just having a bummed, missing my mom kind of day. I look forward to seeing her and my grandparents for G's second birthday party in a week and a half (!!!).

My mum was seriously the best mom ever. She taught me most of what I know about being a good parent. About always showing affection. About always having the time to play (and she still does this!). About always being able to listen even if she disagrees. About being slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Even though we live in two different states, she's always ready to come up if I need her. When I called her to say we were headed to the hospital because my OB suspected I had pre-eclampsia with G, she packed her bag and started driving before I was even in a labor room. When I called her bawling on the phone, driving home after that awful doctor's appointment where we heard no heartbeat with baby #2, she was ready to drive up right then if I asked.

We talk on the phone at least every other day, even if we don't really have anything to talk about. She lets me vent and whine, laugh and cry, without hardly any judgement. She's got my back but yet she'll put me in my place.

It's no wonder G loves her as much as I do. She's an easy gal to love. :)


Okay, I'm getting off the computer now before I cry. Gah, I'm so hormonal! I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and I think it's really started to show!

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