Saturday, May 19, 2012

only 36 weeks to go!

Let it be known that I can't keep my own secrets. I have no trouble with other people's, but when it comes to anything going on in my own life that maybe I should wait to tell... I just can't.

The hubs and I were sitting in bed yesterday, and he goes, "You know, if you want to blog about it, you can."

"Whaa?" was my general response.

"I know you want to blog about it since you're doing that blog everyday thing. It's killing you that you can't tell everyone."

"So what? You want to announce it on Facebook?"

He did that noncommittal face. "Sure."

Sigh. Men.

So, here we go.


We found out the day before the three month anniversary of my miscarriage. It's a bittersweet thing to be celebrating one life while mourning another. I'm fully aware that baby #3 would never have existed without baby #2's death. I'm so thankful that we got pregnant again quickly. And that there are no problems so far. And that I'm not entirely freaked out about being pregnant again. Should I be more freaked out and worried about miscarriage? I don't know.

But hey, as they say on Dinotopia: "breathe deep, seek peace." Right?

Oh gosh, I'm pregnant!


  1. Congratulations =) I think I spent the first 20 weeks completely freaked, so it's definitely normal.

    1. Only the first 20? :) I think I might not feel safe until I'm actually holding the baby in my arms. Sigh!

  2. Congrats! SO happy for you guys!

  3. Congratulations. I'm so incredibly happy for you.
    I've been following your blog since just before your miscarriage and I know you've had a tough time getting to this point. But you are here.
    Just keep breathing deep, stay positive and enjoy this beautiful gift you've been given. X

    1. Thanks, Lucy, for your sweet words. (Your son is super-cute, by the way.)

  4. Yeah, so happy to hear the news!! Be happy.


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