Sunday, May 20, 2012

Parthenon ahoy

Today, the hubs and I went to the Parthenon. It was hot as Hades outside, so we didn't stay long. But by golly, I wanted some pics of G in front of that huge building, and I was gonna get what I wanted. You just don't tell the pregnant lady "no."

...Is it too soon to start using that excuse?

Anyway, it's difficult to get an almost two-year-old to stand still in one spot for very long. But I finally got it. Nevermind that he looks irritated with me.

I took a closer-up shot, and yes, he definitely seems to be grumbling to himself.

Dang it, mama! All I wanna do is run!

Like this!

 On a side note, how cute are his new Timberland sandals?

Also on a side note, his hair as gotten crazy. We must be feeding him well because I feel like that hair has grown a ton in the past couple of weeks. I'm still not sold on getting an official haircut yet, but I did take the scissors to it tonight. Sob. Don't worry, I only cut off one long curl in the back that was longer than all the rest and a few long pieces in the front.

I love love love his hair, but I think it's approaching time for a real haircut. Just a little...


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