Sunday, May 27, 2012

playgroups are awesome

Well, I almost made it the entire month doing a post a day. Whoops! I'm going to blog twice today to make up for skipping yesterday.

Yesterday, I met up with Annie at Letters to Mo and her super-cute son Cash. Yay!

We got home late, especially after I went the wrong way on the interstate and almost had a horrible, horrible wreck. An 18-wheeler I had been driving behind only 10 seconds ago apparently didn't measure the height of an underpass correctly and shaved off the top of the large wooden shed it was carrying. The car behind it had to quickly pull over, and the 18-wheeler was still ahead of me to my right as it also began pulling over. Scary stuff! I ran over a bunch of rubble, but luckily we escaped unscathed.

But the playdate was grand! I've been trying to expose G to more children his own age. He's not exactly the most sociable toddler, but he loves being out and about. Annie's 14 month old tried to hug G at one point, and Grayson was all like, yo! get out of my face! uh, okay? Hahaha. G's first reaction to people he doesn't know is to usually 1) ignore them, and 2) if that's impossible, go all blank poker-face. I'm kinda jealous that Annie's son is so happy around other people - he'll just pay your knee and smile all the time, whereas G has on his "stranger-danger" face.

Poor thing. He's kinda like his mama in that regard, though I've come a long way in the past ten years. I think teaching forced me to have to talk to people with confidence, so I can translate that to real life. Mom says I was hugely sociable when I was a kid, so maybe I can get back to that eventually? I took G to a playgroup Friday morning with four other moms and kids, and it took him 45 minutes to get out of my lap. Once he decided he was all cool about the place, though, he was good. He got off my lap and ran around the room after that. Next time will probably be even better.

I'm excited about meeting all of these new moms. The hubs and I don't know a lot of people with kids the same age (or with kids period), so all of these new people make me all giddy-happy.

I remember where I was going with this: the reason I skipped out on the blog post yesterday. I meant to nap after G's playdate with Cash, but it just didn't happen. The hubs and I did some shopping afterward with a cranky toddler who had refused to eat lunch then had a meltdown when we wouldn't go to CiCi's. I think that's a first. Then I had dinner with some of my English major classmates from my alma-mater and a few of our professors. A bunch of us went to get ice cream after dinner, so I didn't get home until 10:00. I crashed after about 20 minutes of TV.

Today, we're meeting up with my father-in-law to go swimming for the first time this summer. I can't wait to see how G does after doing so well last summer. Another blog post promised tonight.

For now, I must nap!

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