Sunday, May 27, 2012

first swim of summer

This afternoon, we took G to my father-in-law's community pool for the first time this summer. He did so well last summer that I wasn't expecting much trouble. Well, at first, he was so not digging that pool.

The poor babe was actually kinda trembling and clinging to me for dear life. He spent most of the first ten minutes gesturing wildly outside of the pool as in I wanna go that way or trying to climb out if we got close to the edge.

Yeah, that's him throwing his leg way up over the edge of the pool. And me laughing because he looked so darn funny.

He never actually cried, so we decided to keep him in the water and make him tough it out. After going in deeper and spinning around a lot, he gradually decided that the pool wasn't going to kill him. In fact, he became a huge fan of the pool after that.

The next time he whined was an hour later when we made him get out of the pool. That boy can kick! We would hold him in front of us on his belly and he would kick like mad, his little face smiling with delight and his mouth panting with the effort.

I'm thrilled that he warmed up to playing in the water - I'm stuck on the idea of getting him swim lessons this summer so he can go through life being a much stronger swimmer than I am. I felt so much cooler after that swim too, so I know pool time will be fantastic as my belly gets bigger.

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  1. Aww bless. It looks like you had great fun. Love the pictures, especially the later smiley ones. Gorgeous. X


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