Monday, May 28, 2012

sicky babe is sicky

G caught one hell of a nasty bug somewhere this past week. After a crying session of one and a half hours, and his refusal to eat much of anything at breakfast, I was wondering if maybe he didn't feel well. I mean, he's hit the terrible twos already, but that was kinda ridiculous.

Around 10am, I went to change his diaper and noticed that he felt pretty hot. I took his temp and it was 102.8.


Of course, I flew into mama mode. Fluids! Tylenol! Paci! Cuddles! Yo Gabba Gabba! Early nap!

He went down quick for that nap but woke up after only about hour and 15 minutes. He proceeded to demand cuddles and TV for the next few hours. We got him to eat a little pasta and drink a decent amount of milk for lunch, but he wasn't having anything else.

At the four-hour mark for his Tylenol, we took his temp again. 102.7. Sigh. Dosed him again.

He was totally out of it and cranky for most of the afternoon. As he approached the four-hour mark again, he became more lethargic and unwilling to do anything but sit on us. It took forever to get him to stop crying after he got angry at his bucket o' blocks.

That little outburst must have worn him out, because ten minutes later, I glanced over and he was out. This was at about 5pm.

Dave eventually moved to the couch where G slept for another 30 minutes before we woke him up.

G did not want to get up, but we really wanted to try to get him to eat and drink some more before bed. He didn't want any food but he did at least drink some water and milk. Then he kept falling asleep on us before we just decided to go ahead and put him to bed early.

We did take his temperature before dosing him one last time and it was 103.7 and 103.4 a little later. It's scary to see the temp go higher, and especially that high! The highest fever he's had before now was only 101.4. His heart was racing and his body quivering all over. It scared me to see him so sick like that.

We did call our pediatrician's nighttime hotline. The nurse said to keep an eye on him overnight and call our pedi in the morning if he's still running a high fever. Goodie. This means I won't sleep a wink tonight.

He's been tossing and turning in his crib this evening and letting out little whimpers through the monitor. But the hubs just checked on him and he's feeling cooler, so I guess the Tylenol is working. I feel so powerless in moments like these when I can't give him anything but painkiller.

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