Sunday, June 10, 2012

grayson says, i can has cake?

Grayson says,

For my birthday, my parents got me this chocolate cupcake.

Hey parents, you expect this cupcake to break itself apart into bite-sized pieces?

... Okay, seriously.

That's better.

Okay, let's just try a tentative little bite.

And another.

And another.

 This chocolate is acceptable. Now, who's washing my hands?


  1. Hehehe. This reminds me of my failed attempts to get some lovely messy smash cake pictures when my little man turned one. He just refused to make a mess and I ended up having to feed most of it too him because he wasn't interested in delving in himself.
    That does look like a yummy cake though. I hope he had a great birthday.

    1. G actually made a huge mess on his first birthday. But he's pretty proper about eating now, so I expected the delicate eating of his cupcake. :)


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