Tuesday, January 8, 2013

no good excuses, really

I'm alllliiiiiiive.

Okay, it's been a seriously long time since I blogged. I could give you a whole host of reasons why I just haven't picked up the computer in the past almost two months.

  1. I ran into end-of-the-semester business consisting of finals, grading, and a rush to finish my own classwork. 
  2. The holidays wiped me out and I spent most of my free time sleeping.
  3. As suggested above, this pregnancy has wiped me out. I spend G's naps getting a nap of my own, and I go to bed at 9:30.
Honestly, it's more likely that I just haven't known what to write about. I have a ton of things happening in my life right now, almost all positive, yet I've got a writing funk. I just haven't felt like dealing in writing with hosts of issues we've faced, from issues with the baby to Grayson's speech therapy. We spent the last couple of months unsure if we were going to be able to keep the little life inside of me. And, well, here is a picture of me as of a few days ago.

That's me 20 weeks pregnant. Yeah, I can't quite believe it myself either. I'll post more later this week about our baby, including if it's a boy or a girl (we know!), and the struggles we've faced. I promise I'll play catch up on our lives!

For now, here's a few pictures from Thanksgiving.

G and my mom.

 G and his great-Granny. This picture cracks me up so hard.

 And finally, a gorgeous picture of my Granny, laughing it up. I hope these pictures make her smile. :)

More to come soon!

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