Sunday, December 5, 2010

exhausting day of football

The hubs and I went to the Titans game against the Jaguars, while my mom babysat g. We should've crushed them like we did the last time earlier in the season. Instead, we rather sucked. Our season has gone downhill rather fast. I'm not a huge fan of football, but I do follow the Titans and our rivals. It was my first football game, pro or otherwise.

Ah well. It was certainly an experience!

For one, it was the coldest day of the season thus far. Only a high of 37. OMG cold. Add a brisk wind, an overcast sky, and SNOW (yes, snow, which didn't stick but that's beside the point), and you had quite miserable circumstances for an outdoor football game. On top of all that, our tickets, while on the 40-yard-line, would rather high up.

So there you go. It was cold. I had on two pairs of socks, a tank top, two long sleeve shirts, a sweatshirt, a coat, a hat, a snarf over my face, and mittens. I had to make the hubs bring a warm hat and scarf, and he was really glad he did. I also had told him that I wouldn't share my sleeping bag, but he still refused to bring his own. I did end up sharing, though, because I felt bad it was so cold.

Oh, and the Titans sucked.

In any case, it was really fun! It's quite an experience to actually be there in stands, cheering (and booing) your team along with thousands of others.

I came home and cranked the heat up really high, piled on some blankets, and snuggled a tired baby against my belly for warmth. I can't wait to jump into bed with my pillowy covers and go to sleep at 8pm. That's gonna be so AWESOME.

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