Sunday, December 26, 2010

grayson's christmas (eve) morning

Grayson says...

On Christmas Eve, mama ran into my room early in the morning screaming something about it being Christmas. Since it was supposed to snow (and oh, it did), we had to head down to Alabama a day early. So we celebrated our family Christmas on the eve instead.

I was all excited because they were all excited. There were smiles all around. I waited patiently with daddy while mama took some pics.

I stuck my tongue out. But not because I was upset.

I just love to blow raspberries! Pfffft!

My stocking captured my attention the most. I <3 my stocking. I bent down really close to get a good look at the contents.

Santa gave me my first Disney movie?

Yay! I was a good boy, huh?

I loved to open my presents, though mama and daddy had to do most of them for me. I really liked to hold them wrapped too. I screamed a lot this morning because I was so excited to get my first presents!

Mama and daddy got me some stacking blocks, a fluffy giraffe, a book, Sophie, a Disney movie, some puffs for when I get older, and some socks (at least they were cute). Santa brought me a biiig present! I loved to stare at it. I can't wait to play with it some more when I get home.

Then, after all that crazy present stuff, I got tired.

Later, we headed to my grandpa's for Christmas with daddy's side of the family. There was lots of Christmas left to go!

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