Wednesday, January 4, 2012

19 Months - over halfway to 2!

Someone was not in the mood to get his picture taken tonight. As you can see from these pics, he was kinda mellow. When I told him it was time to get out of the bath, he simply put down his toys, raise his arms for help, and practically leaped out. He was passed out in bed about 15 minutes later, so I think he was a little tired.

Or maybe he's teething? He's got those fangs to cut before he turns 2.

My parents gave him the cutest towel for Christmas. He's so tall, his butt was kinda exposed when I picked him up, but it's cute nonetheless.

Check out my baby bump in the pic below! I look way further along than 8 weeks, right?

Dave captured this fantastic pic of his eye. Love it.

So G is 19 months today. We already decided that his 2nd birthday will likely be Yo Gabba Gabba themed since he freakin' loves that show. He demands that we fast forward whenever something other than the main characters come on the screen, even if it's a band (and he usually loves music).

He didn't change much from 18 months. He knows more body parts, but he still has no words. He dances to any little song that comes on, and he especially loves the theme song to King of the Hill. He cut his last molar, so he has 12 teeth now - no fangs or second year molars. He still uses a paci for naps and nighttime (ugh), and I'm not sure when we plan to get rid of it.

His sleep has been weird ever since the time change, and it's gotten worse in the past week or so. Last night, he was up for an hour in the early morning, which is very weird for him. He was babbling up a storm today, and he has been falling down a lot. He didn't want much food today. I'm definitely thinking either teeth or a growth spurt, probably?

I'm off to work on syllabus planning. School starts on Monday!


  1. What a little sweetheart! :-) Such beautiful eyes! My little guy isn't too far behind... And congratulations on having another little one on the way, too!

  2. congrats on baby number 2 :)

    Did brother know about the second baby? Perhaps he dreads that he will no longer be the center of attention? Or maybe 2 is too young to think that way? I have a two-year old myself, and I sometimes wonder how she would feel if we're gonna have a second baby. well, maybe i have to stop worrying too much.

    Anyway, nice shots there, especially the photo of that brown eye. loving it ♥

    BTW, if you have time, please take a look at this site for me.

    Kelly ♥

  3. Yeah, he's way too young to really get what's going on. We talk about the baby a lot, and I've been working with him on being gentle with my belly, but that's about it. :)


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