Wednesday, January 4, 2012

welcome to my blog-o-sphere

I'm getting a lot of new readers here lately. I'd love it if you'd say hi, or if you want to stick around, there are many ways to do so.


To the right, you can follow me on Twitter (only real people, please).

Or become a follower.

Or subscribe to my feed.

Or hit me up on Pinterest (I love me some Pinterest).

You can also vote for me on Top Baby Blogs, but I'm much more interested in the top stuff!


Take a look around. My kid is cute, right? I claim no responsibility for the power of that cuteness.

No, really. I have no idea where he got it from.


  1. I'm a new reader :D Found you through irocksowhat! I'm Katie :D Pleased to meet ya!!

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for adding me! :) I'm stalking you back on Twitter as well. Love your blog title, by the way.


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