Monday, January 30, 2012

vintage Grayson time!

One of my favorite series of posts on this blog is Grayson Says. I haven't been doing as many lately because he's actually starting to communicate and whatnot. But they were huge fun when he was too young to really tell us how he felt.

I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites for all my newbie readers. *waves*. Plus, you get to see vintage G is all his glory, complete with stubby legs and really short hair.

G versus Grass

When Daddy walks into the room...

Grayson's first snowman

I'm on a Bed!

Aww, all of these baby pics of G make my ovaries hurt... that is, they would be if one ovary wasn't already producing hormones for another baby while the other is moping that it didn't get a shot at producing an egg.

I can't wait to hold a squishy new baby in my arms. I hope they're as fun as G is. The kiddo? He has such a sense of humor.


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